Building a High-Performance Physio Team: Setting the Rules – Part 1


In the world of physiotherapy, success isn’t solely measured by the number of patients you see or the revenue you generate. While these metrics are essential, what truly sets a practice apart is the quality of its team. In this article, we’ll explore the critical concept of building a high-performance physio team by setting the right rules and values.

Core Values: The Guiding Principles

Defining Core Values

Core values are the fundamental guiding principles that define your practice’s culture and character. They serve as the moral compass for your team, helping them understand what your practice stands for. Core values are not a laundry list of rules; they’re a concise set of timeless principles.

Why Core Values Matter

Having well-defined core values is essential because they:

Provide Clarity:
Core values simplify decision-making. They offer a clear direction on how your team should behave, even in the face of uncertainty.

Maintain Consistency:
They create a consistent approach to interactions within the team and with patients, promoting a cohesive work environment.

Identify Misalignment:
Core values make it easy to identify team members who may no longer align with your practice’s principles, helping maintain high standards.

Inspire and Motivate:
When core values are meaningful and inspiring, they give your team a sense of purpose, motivating them to excel.

Applying Core Values in Your Practice

To apply core values effectively in your physiotherapy practice:

Define Your Core Purpose:
Start by identifying the overarching purpose of your practice. For example, it could be “raising patient care standards.”

Determine Core Values:
Develop a small set (usually 5 to 7) of core values that align with your purpose. For instance, “patient-centered care” and “empathetic open communication.”

Use Core Values for Decision-Making:
Encourage your team to use these core values as a guide for daily interactions and decision-making. If an action doesn’t align with your core values, it’s a red flag.

Offer Feedback and Warnings:
When team members stray from core values, provide feedback and warnings based on these principles. This keeps discussions focused on maintaining your practice’s culture.

Core Purpose: Your North Star

Defining Core Purpose

Your core purpose is the primary reason your practice exists beyond making money. It’s your North Star, the driving force behind everything you do. Like core values, it’s not something that can be “achieved” but rather an Evergreen goal that constantly guides your practice.

The Impact of a Strong Core Purpose

A well-defined core purpose has several positive impacts:

Guiding Decision-Making:
Your core purpose serves as a decisive factor in making choices, ensuring that every action aligns with your practice’s mission.

Inspiring Your Team:
A compelling core purpose inspires and motivates your team, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Stability Amid Change:
In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, your core purpose provides stability and focus, helping your practice weather uncertainty.

Taking Action in Your Practice

To apply your core purpose effectively:

Identify Your Core Purpose:
Determine the overarching reason for your practice’s existence. For instance, it could be “improving quality of life.”

Behavioral Rules:
Define the specific behaviors and actions that align with your core purpose. What actions can your team take to constantly strive toward this goal?


Building a high-performance physio team starts with setting the right rules and values. Core values provide clarity, consistency, and motivation, while your core purpose acts as your practice’s guiding light. When these elements are in place, your team becomes a cohesive force that consistently delivers exceptional care and drives revenue growth.

If you’d like to explore how these principles can help your practice generate more revenue, attract new patients, and become the #1 choice in your area, we’re here to assist you. Book a call with us or reach out for a friendly chat. We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals while maintaining the highest standards of patient care. Your success is our priority.


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