How To Go From Being A “Physio” To Become a Business Owner (Part 2)


Introduction Embarking on the journey from physiotherapist to business owner marks a pivotal shift in career trajectory. This transformation is about more than just a title change; it necessitates a deep dive into strategic planning, financial mastery, marketing ingenuity, and leadership development—all through the lens of a physiotherapy practice. Here’s how to navigate this transition […]

Transitioning from being a “Physio” to Business Owner (Part 1)

How To Go From Being A “Physio” To Become a Business Owner (Part1).jpg

Introduction Welcome to Episode 35 of our series, where we embark on an enlightening journey from being a hands-on physiotherapist to embracing the multifaceted role of a business owner. This transition is not just about a change in title but involves a profound shift in mindset, responsibilities, and the way you view your clinic’s operations […]

Why Ongoing Learning Matters For Your Physio Practice

Continuous Learning in Physiotherapy.

Embracing Lifelong Learning in Physiotherapy  Welcome to our discussion on the vital role of continuous learning in growing and enhancing your physiotherapy practice. In this journey, we’re exploring how a commitment to ongoing education can profoundly benefit both your clinic’s growth and patient care. We’ll delve into balancing the acquisition of new knowledge with its […]