Facebook Marketing

For Physio Practices


Personalized Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing helps you nurture and grow your followers and fanbase. Maintaining your Facebook audience and keeping them engaged is a key factor to reaching more new patients and boosting your practice’s profile.

If your website converts visitors into new patients, your Facebook is an important tool to nurture cold leads into warm and eventually hot leads that would eventually become new patients and raving fans.

Not all warm leads will become new patients straight away. A good way to keep your practice on top of their mind is by building a relationship with them and by creating trust through personalized content that is relevant to their needs.

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Social Media Marketing for Physio Practices

Understanding Your Market

You can develop your services and selling methods better when better serve your patients’ unmet needs and wants.

Setting Up Your Facebook Marketing

As of 2002 and according to Statista, Facebook had 2.96 billion active users worldwide - and this figure is on an upward trend even with the bad hype about Facebook recently. Facebook still ranks number one of all social media platforms and it can help you reach a wider audience to your practice.

Sharing Engaging Content

Think of your Facebook Page as your second website. This is where your audience gets to know you more and engage with your practice on a daily basis. The more you share engaging content, the more they feel nurtured and valued, which would eventually lead to conversion.

Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads helps physio practices target highly qualified leads that go beyond just their demographics. For example, it allows you to target people who have shown interest in physio services, with a certain lifestyle, behaviour, or even hobbies. This unlocks a massive opportunity for you to target your new patients in a much more specific way.

Why Facebook Marketing?

With nearly 3 billion daily active users, Facebook Marketing is a great place to tap into and grow your physio practice.

It has been an engaging social media platform that has grown from the back of media types like photos, videos, and messenger texts.

The reason why this is because user engagement goes a long way to getting your Facebook page performing well. This is because people want to stay connected and share things that are relatable to others. Organic content is free on Facebook and 80% of businesses have been using this platform to create brand recognition.

As a practice owner, it is wise to take advantage of the free exposure your practice can get by having a Facebook Page. The organic reach alone, if done right, can grow your practice and reach more new patients. But it is getting more and more difficult to get organic content to reach more audiences. This is because Facebook is giving more priority to its paid advertising content before organic. You can probably guess why.

Facebook is one of the few platforms that are very rich in its user data, which makes micro-targeting your audience a lot easier, which means that your ad budget has a much better chance of not going to waste.


Our Facebook Marketing Process

Strategy Development

We use our knowledge about physiotherapy and digital marketing to create a strategy that suits your practice and is aimed at getting your practice to be the number #1 practice for new patients. We take a lot of factors to consider the right approach for you so this will be a fairly hands-on process with you to make sure we get it right.

Engaging Your Audience

People are naturally attracted to a natural and human approach to business. As you can guess, that is even more important for physio practices. So the more that they can relate to the photos, videos and any other content you share, the more that they will engage. Speaking to your audience by creating emotions is a great way to create engagement.

Analytics and Reporting

Tracking everything from followers growth rate, engagement rate, enquiry growth rate, etc. would help us learn more about your audience’s behaviour. This way, we can double down on what works for your practice.

Facebook Ads Campaign Management

While organic marketing will be useful for your practice in the long run, Facebook Ads are geared to generate revenue right away. This is where we will micro-target your ideal patients, create action-driving ad copy, do split testing, monitor ad performances and tweak as needed to get your campaign performing the way they should.

Facebook Ads Management

Micro-target ideal new patients.

Split test ad copy, graphics and call-to-actions.

Easy-to-understand analytics report.