Online Reputation

For Physio Practices


Reputation Management

“Perception is reality.” No matter how untrue someone’s review (also called online reputation) is, that is their reality.

You are working with people who trust that you can make them better. You should be doing everything you can to use all positive experiences to create more new patients to book with you. The best way to do this is to have a system to make giving reviews easy.

But what about the negative reviews? Simple. You respond to them in a calm, factual, and in a problem-solving way for them. This way anyone who reads even not so positive reviews can see how you handle difficult situations.
Responding to both types of reviews is a powerful way to really show what kind of practice you are to your patients. And you want to show them that:

  1. You care regardless of the review.
  2. You are willing to follow through and fix things when the unexpected happens.

Manage your online reputation

Multiply the number of positive reviews

Respond to all

What Can Reputation Management Do for You?

Once it’s on the internet, it’s pretty much there forever. So you want your reputation online to be well protected and looked after. Online reviews and social media posts about your practice can go a long way to helping you get more new patients.

An overall good online reputation will not only help you drive more new patients and sales to your practice, but it’ll also help your existing patients to become repeat customers and confidently refer others to your practice.

Basically this is it… 

More happy patients = More flow of new patients.