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How can local SEO help your Physio practice?


SEO Services That Does Not Only Meet Your Expectations But Exceed It

SEO is crucial for your practice because it’ll help you get authority in new patients’ eyes through organic rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The higher you are on the organic rankings, the exponentially higher traffic you’ll get. To make this clearer, here’s a breakdown of roughly how much traffic you’ll get from positions.

The first position gets twice the traffic as the second, and that number decreases the further down the list you go.

This means it’s pretty important to rank as high as you organically can. This is the power of SEO.

To make it even better organic rankings are free by search engines but you have to do the work to get there. SEO by far is the number one source of online traffic and it pretty much crushes any other channel.

But there’s a downside. SEO is the channel that often takes the longest to work. So that means runs are going to come slow in the beginning but done right, it’s definitely worth the wait.

That’s why, even though it can be scary to invest in SEO, with the right team, you can feel confident that the returns would work for you. We know how stressful this can be, especially while waiting for the results. And after having a chat with us and seeing our guarantees, we are confident that it will take this stress out for you.

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How can local SEO help your Physio practice?

A Game Plan That Is Custom Made For You

How do you stand out? By being different to others. We’ll make sure to put a shine on that difference by crafting your page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs for your new website, and everything in between that matters for every organic search.

Content Creation That Is Relevant

Your content is and should be for new patients. We will use industry-specific software to figure out what would be good content that resonates with your market. Our founder is a graduate of Physiotherapy from Queensland (ranking in the top 10 Physio schools in the world), and our team will be all over it when it comes to the right physio content to put out there.

Build A Network Of Backlinks

Each website has a score from Google and other search engines. It’s called a Domain Authority. Search engines use this score to sort out the pecking order within a bunch of similar or related websites. One of the most effective ways to increase domain authority is to get backlinks from other relevant sites. So, to increase your domain authority and help you rank higher in organic search engine results, we will source other powerful websites and drive powerful backlinks from them into your website. This way, you have the best chance of ranking the highest in your local area for pretty much every search on the internet.

Manage And Maintain Local Citations

An audit on all your citations to ensure every little detail like your company name, your address, your phone numbers and other contact details will appear exactly the same way across all citations. This is to keep the details that appear on citations accurate with your Google Business Profile, your website, and others like any of your social media pages.

Conversion-Centric Website

What is the point of being on top of the organic searches and rankings if your website doesn’t convert its visitors into new patients? Our web developers and designers are conversion-focused and we’ll make sure that your website is responsive on all devices, user-friendly, and easy to navigate and more importantly, it converts visitors to new patients.

  • Audit, Research & Improve

You cannot improve what you don’t measure. To truly Own Your Area and be the #1 practice in your area, we’ll start with how and what your current campaigns are working for you. From here, we can identify areas to improve on, what else we need to research, and how we can use what your competition is doing to help you get new patients faster than any other local practices.

  • Campaign Launch

From the start, we’ll make sure that your campaign is aligned to rank high in organic and map searches. The ultimate goal is to make sure you are found on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

This is where our audit and research data will help us come up with an SEO strategy custom-made for your practice to be above your local competition.

  • Real-Time Tracking and Analytics

Use our interactive dashboards to see real-time insights into how your SEO and pay-per-click campaigns are performing. Keep track of how many new patients are seeing you at any given point, where you’re getting the most clicks and interactions from, and most importantly,  what your ROI is. Get all the data you need, anytime, anywhere, all in one place!